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  • Comprehensive scheme available, teaching musicianship using singing and instrumental accompaniment (glockenspiel/recorder) with "listen and appraise" opportunities in some genres (but lacking "classical" which will need to be supplemented)

  • Huge variety of "freestyle" resources available including an excellent improvisation resource, some instrumental courses and topic-related units

  • YuMu platform for children to use at home

  • In my opinion, the vocal range of some of the songs is not appropriate for the age group they are aimed at

  • The site offers two schemes - the "original" and the "Model Music Curriculum" - the latter is more aspirational and includes some of the suggested listening from the MMC (non-statutory - see here); it is also possible to use their "scheme builder" to create your own bespoke curriculum

  • Annual cost reflects size of school - average £195 + VAT - there is a facility to find your school to get a price

  • 30-day free trial available

  • Teacher training and support videos available

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