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Get Composing

  • Make up your own tune on a recorder or other tuned instrument you may have or you could use the interactive xylophone.  Decide how you could write it down to help you remember it.  You could use standard notation or you could create a graphic score.  In Yumu you can compose using the Rhythm Grids and use Music Explorer for descant recorder to compose using pitch as well.

  • Make up some rhythms to play on untuned instruments you have made.  You could use your instruments to play rhythms from the Charanga rhythm grids which you can access through Yumu.

  • Choose a favourite short story or picture book and create sound effects for some of the things that happen - you could use instruments, household objects or your voice.


  • Collect several instruments or other sound-makers with different timbres - you could do this in the garden using buckets, watering cans, saucepans and other noisy things.  Choose an order to lay them out in and decide how you are going to play each one.  You could make decisions about tempo, dynamics, structure, texture and duration.  Experiment with changing the order or the way you play them.  You could create a graphic score for your composition and challenge another family member it to play the piece.

  • Experiment with Chrome Music Lab Songmaker to create a tune with a percussion line to accompany it - you could even put in some harmony.  Have a go and send Mrs. Toole your composition using the link you are given when you save it.

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