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Statutory guidance

National curriculum in England

programmes of study

(updated 26 March 2021)

Teaching Music in Schools

Model Music Curriculum

(published 26 March 2021)  NB this is non-statutory so there is no requirement to follow it

Research Review Series: Music

A review of research into factors that influence the quality of music education in schools in England

(published 12 July 2021)


Curriculum for Wales

Expressive Arts

(updated January 2021)

Experiences and Outcomes

(as at July 2021)

Musical Development Matters

(published September 2018, now expressly included in the EYFS Strategy)

The Arts/Music

(as at July 2021)


(as at July 2021)


National Strategy

Letters and Sounds

(as at July 2021)

Primary Skills Progression
This document is my personal skills progression.  It has been developed over several years and is necessarily flexible and under continuous review.  It audits well against the Model Music Curriculum, although my progression in rhythm notation differs (I don't like what the MMC does in this regard!).  Clicking the link will download an editable Excel spreadsheet with each strand as a different tab.

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