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These resources are free and, on some systems, it is possible to save/send work.  Make sure children use the "for education" version of Band Lab as the alternative has a 13+ content warning, linked to samples available.

Explore combining pre-made loops; progress to create your own

Multi-track audio editor and recorder with free download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Cloud-based music studio for composing and layering with virtual instruments and effects

Simple tool for layering instruments; saves work by creating a unique URL for your machine; master link is

A circular rhythm ap for creating grooves using shapes, angles and patterns

Compose with Blob Opera; play a classic using Viola Bird; use the pulse to help score points with Blob Beats

Ap for selecting and looping a wide variety of loops for different moods

Generally a useful site; this area has a range of aps for getting creative and the ability to save and share work

Isle of Tune.jpeg

An entertaining game for younger children

Midnight Music is an Australian site, providing a number of free resources links and ideas (with a comprehensive tech resources guide to download) as well as a membership service with teacher advice and a community blog.

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