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The following are links to free resources providing lesson ideas that are more comprehensive than just listening.  In most cases, they include lesson plans and even complete units of work that cover the full scope of the curriculum.  Presented in alphabetical order:

Listen & respond plans and resources for KS1 for 3 modern pieces: Nightscape (Eleanor Alberga), Partita (Sally Beamish), Concerto Grosso (Errollyn Wallen) plus a unit of learning around Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream for KS2

Body Percussion Scheme of Work plus other useful percussion-related resources

Benedetti Foundation: free to download booklets with 6 lesson plans for KS1 and 12 for KS2.

BBC resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.  Click the image to open a new page for a link to the phase you need.

This music at home resource contains lots of cross-curricular ideas.  Select the KS you want to see, but don't change any of the other settings!

Much more than just a listening resource with games, lesson plans and more.  Click here for lesson plan details or click the image to go straight there.

Teacher guides and unit plans including Peter and the Wolf, Young Person's Guide, Hoe Down plus ideas for diversity and games.

Singing, composer studies, composition activities, elements of music.  Resources include videos, performance/backing tracks and lesson plans.

Free resources for EYFS to KS5, celebrating Ralph Vaughan Williams' 150th Anniversary

Free lesson resources advertised for KS1 and KS2 (12 each).  Click the image to link directly to the resource or here for my synopsis with link.


BBC offering aimed at EYFS and KS1.  Includes resources such as Yolanda's Band Jam, Mr. Tumble and much more.


BBC Teach resource with comprehensive lesson plans for activities connected to listening across centuries.  Click the image to open a new page for a link to the phase you need.

BBC Ten Pieces

Free (but need to register) plans and resources for up to 3 units of 6 lessons each for Reception and Years 1-6.  Limited KS2 also available.

Another comprehensive resource with lesson plans for activities connected to a variety of pieces.  You will need to register, but it is free.

Kodaly-based musical activities for Year 1 primary classes organised into 3 stages which would not only cover KS1 in the UK but would also be useful for EYFS.  Stage 1 is freely available, stages 2 and 3 require unlocking.

"Watch, Listen, Learn" resources for units of work relating to a variety of classical pieces, tonality and songwriting

Comprehensive free video lessons for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.  Click the image to take you to links for each, as navigating the site is rather clunky.

Register for free to access lesson plans created by specialists to deliver aspects of the National Curriculum for Music, Dance and Art

It is also worth checking whether your local music hub offers a scheme of work.  Some hubs offer a free scheme to teachers who register with a local school's email address whilst others offer a paid for scheme.  Some hubs (eg Bristol above) offer free resources for a wider audience.

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