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Free lesson resources advertised for KS1 and KS2 (12 each).  The KS1 lesson activities are better aimed at Year 1 and some activities could be useful in Reception too (although NB be careful with the vocal range in some of the songs as an octave is too much for R/Y1 to sing accurately), and there is always beefing up that can be done for Year 2.  The KS2 lessons are better aimed at experienced Y2 and into Y3.  That said, I am mindful that they were originally intended to be used at home.  I will try and find time to look at the KS3 resources that are also posted as it seems logical that they might better suit Upper KS2.  Watch this space!

The lessons are organised in a somewhat counter-intuitive way (well it's counter-intuitive to me!) on the site with KS2 Lesson 1 following on from KS1 Lesson 1 and so on, rather than have all the KS1 together and all the KS2 together.  I have created an index for each of KS1 and KS2 below so you can see an outline of what each lesson involves.

Click the link above to do to the resource Rhinegold resource - it will open in a new window.

KS1 Index

KS2 Index

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